In the past there was a club at K-State called “Women in CIS”. This club was started in the fall of 2006 by Julie Thornton. She started this club to encourage the women in the Computer Science department, as there were less than ten female students in the entire department. The club hosted activities to show the female students that were other women in the department and to encourage them to continue with their studies in this field. As a part of these activities, some of the women alumni of the K-State CIS department were brought in to share their experience and talk about their connections. Additionally, the club participated in outreach activities for female students in middle school, a program called “GROW”, and high school, a program called “EXCITE”. However, when Julie went on¬†maternity leave in 2010, the club began to fall apart as she was the main faculty advisor and there wasn’t very strong leadership in the club at this point. Another contributing factor to the fall of the club is that there was no involvement from the CIS male student body.


Julie’s advice for future clubs trying to accomplish the same or a similar goal is to maintain strong student leadership and faculty support.


In the fall of 2014, Miriam Cox restarted a similar club as the K-State chapter of ACM-W, which is the current ACM-W club.